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Brittany (
Date:Mon 19 Jul 2010 09:23:33 AM EDT
Subject:Best Auto Repair in Brooklyn, possibly US.
 This place is GREAT!!! I am so glad I found S R Auto Repair, they're extremely knowledgeable and their prices are beyond fair. I have an older Land Rover Discovery and have had several problems with it so I've dealt with a handful of mechanics from CA to NY... My car broke down in the city and at 1st I called triple A and had them tow it to one of their approved repair shops and the service guy their gave me an outlandish estimate of $2671!!!! So I called around and thankfully stumbled upon S R. They were extremely helpful; they helped me get it towed out of the "Tows are Us"-(evil, rip off business) for less that it would've cost me thru AAA. They were professional and highly knowledgeable, the assessed problem and fixed it within 2 days it for waaaaaaaay way less than what I was quoted from the other guys. If you've got any car problems, I HIGHLY recommend going to S R!!!!!
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K.W. (
Date:Tue 23 Mar 2010 01:31:50 PM EDT
Subject:Fantastic Work!!!
 thanks to these guys for a fantastic fix on my Landrover time and time again. It's running beautifully! I highly recommend them! -Kehinde Wiley
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Randy with the blue civic (
Date:Wed 26 Aug 2009 10:50:27 PM EDT
 I must say i've been very pleased with all the work these guys have done on my car....very friendly and honest....i've been going to this mechanic shop for 2 years and i must say i'll recommend anybody who has problems with their car to go with them....very reliable...
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Amber (
Date:Mon 13 Jul 2009 07:48:50 PM EDT
  S.R. = good mechanics. So happy to have found them. Our car was a mess after being in the virgin islands and is running much better now. They are friendly and reasonable. They did what they said they would do. Thank you!
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Geoffrey (
Date:Sat 27 Jun 2009 10:22:06 PM EDT
Subject:Great Service
 My car was hit by a truck while parked. The damage was mainly cosmetic, but the drivers' side mirror was torn off, so the car was not drivable. My experience in brooklyn with auto shops has been spotty at best, and I've been wishing I knew someone I could trust to do good work. I contacted S.R. after reading some positive reviews, and I've been very happy with the service. They took care of me from the start, providing a really inexpensive tow, and a reasonable estimate. It took a long time to get the insurance straightened out, and they were patient and helpful throughout the process. When I got my car back it looked great! They matched the paint exactly, and did a fine job with the repairs. They even cleaned the interior. I will definitely be going back when I need more work. Geoff
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